blooket game id

What is a Blooket game ID?

The Blooket Game ID is a unique 6 or 7-digit number which is generated applied to a game, so that other player might join a game hosted by a teacher or a host. The blooket Game ID is also called a ‘Blooket Code’ or ‘Blooket Pin’.

How do I apply a Blooket code?

Once you have the code given to you by your teacher or a host, head over to

On this page, click on the Game ID box in the middle of the screen, enter your Blooket code or Blooket Game ID, and click on the Arrow.

You will now automatically join the Blooket game, without having to register first.

blooket game id

A Blooket Game ID will expire eventually, so if a code does not work for you, then it may have expired.


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